Company Profile

General Company Description

Optimal Performance Physical Therapy is conveniently located at 5 Millbrook Road in Scarborough, Maine; just off Route 1 between the Maine Veterans Home and Scarborough Downs.

Optimal Performance Physical Therapy, LLC is an owner operated private practice with a focus on the patient’s whole wellbeing. We treat outpatient orthopedic, sports medicine, surgical rehab, and neurological patient populations.

Mission Statement

The mission of Optimal Performance Physical Therapy is to provide quality care to members of the community for the enhancement of physical health and functional abilities.


The goal of Optimal Performance Physical Therapy is to have a healthy, successful company that is a leader in quality patient care and has loyal community support.


Optimal Performance Physical Therapy’s objective is to provide quality services to attain patient satisfaction that results in repeated return of patients and generates recommendations for new referrals.

Business Philosophy

Optimal Performance Physical Therapy bases its working philosophy on being patient-centered, and treating each individual with truth, honesty, and integrity. They take pride in distinguishing itself by offering individualized skilled care in an inviting environment. They provide quality care by educating patients about health issues helping them understand the healing process, and providing independent home exercise programs to promote a continuation of healing and improve fitness.

Treatment Philosophy

Our unique style is a blend of both traditional physical therapy programs with holistic techniques which allows us to customize each program to our client.  Optimal Performance Physical Therapy staff are licensed physical therapists with solid experience and diverse training backgrounds. They provide post-rehabilitation for surgical procedures, as well as orthopedic, sports, neurological, work related, acute, and chronic injuries. Our 60-minute, one-on-one, treatment sessions provide focused attention on the individual, improving therapeutic outcomes, and client satisfaction. In our open and spacious clinic, our team treats the whole person. While we treat, we educate our clients so they learn skills they can use at home to help heal their bodies.

At Optimal Performance Physical Therapy we combine advanced manual therapy techniques with exercise and movement programs: manual therapy to address the structural dysfunction and pain caused by injury or stress; exercise and movement re-education to increase functional performance. We incorporate Integrated Manual Therapy (IMT) into our treatment programs; it’s a unique compilation of diagnostic and treatment methodologies used to assess and treat pain, dysfunction, disease and disability. We also address the effects and importance of nutrition with regard to health, inflammation and recovery.

Our approach is results oriented and interactive. The client and the practitioner constantly monitor and re-assess progress through indicators such as improved function, enhanced ranges of motion, reduction of pain, increased cognition, and/or normalized behavioral and emotional responses. A treatment plan integrates manual therapies, nutrition education; body based psychotherapeutic methods for stress and relaxation, functional rehabilitation and movement retraining.

Optimal Performance PT is your partner in healthcare; we’re focused on meeting your needs for prevention, rehabilitation, wellness and education!!!



An experience that tells a story – on vacation in another state I had a back problem.  A young graduate from a Physical Therapy school (where I went) told me that regrettably she couldn’t fix it.  I returned home and went to Optimal Performance (where they have extended training) and I was put back into shape very quickly.  They also kept my knees working for about ten years until it was appropriate to have two total knee replacements.  Give them a try – you won’t regret it                     ….A Loyal Patient